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Produced and Edited by Christian Ackerman

Publisher: Black Vortex Cinema

240 pages

Language: English

Released: May 22, 2018

$19.99 paperback / $9.99 kindle Order on Amazon



There's no arguing that writing a review for a book that you were a participant in could be perceived as being rather self-serving. I can absolutely see how one can come to that conclusion. Take it a step further and I can see a glowing review as being deemed self-congratulatory and egotistical. Well, on the surface, in this case at least, I'm guilty as charged on all counts. Yes, I am one of the essayists who appear in this compendium about horror films and I'm pretty damn proud of my contribution. However, I am just one of 48 voices to be heard in MY FAVORITE HORROR MOVIE, a must-read collection of essays, produced and edited by CHRISTIAN ACKERMAN, where writers express in their own words their love for a particular film in the genre they adore.

Film, all art for that matter, is purely subjective. Not everyone is going to share the same opinion about a particular film, hold it in the same regard or concede its perceived relevance. What one person may deem THE EXORCIST may be considered to be REPOSSESSED by another. Over the years I've had my fair share of disagreements about what is good and what is bad. Easily the most recent and divisive example I could cite would be that of STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI. Either you loved it or you hated it. I'm of the former.

I'm often asked what I think the best film ever made is and I always say I can't decisively answer that. Case in point, I love STAR WARS but I also love LAWRENCE OF ARABIA. I gave both films 5 stars, the highest possible rating. Now I know David Lean's film is the better of the two but STAR WARS was part of my youth and holds a special place in my life. In terms of being the best I give Lean the edge but in terms of favorite, for sentimental reasons, I'd have to say it was Lucas' film.

So, what's your favorite horror movie?

The essays which Ackerman has compiled features an array of answers from professionals who work within the horror genre. These creative types are writers, actors, directors, make-up artists, composers and even journalists and they were asked to write about their favorite horror movie. I know some of the folks involved but we've never really got into this discussion which you'd think would be a pretty common topic of conversation. Surprisingly, it isn't. There's a diverse selection of films presented within these pages and they aren't necessarily the obvious and popular choices. Each author is very open and personal about their choice and often times their responses were unexpectedly moving. They provide some great insight into what has drawn them to this film and when common ground is reached between author and reader it can be quite magical. Without revealing which essay and author, the story they told had me grinning ear to ear because I totally got it. I've been there. I understand and my appreciation level towards the film and the genre went up a tick thanks to that shared moment.

You may know things about the films listed but why they were chosen is often times an enriching and entertaining read and I wouldn't even think of spoiling anything you may find within each authors personal recollections. Taken as a whole it is rather striking how everyone came from different backgrounds but ultimately found the genre and their favorite film in a similar fashion. That commonality struck a chord with me and I imagine will do the same with like-minded readers and not just horror fans but film lovers in general. Horror movies certainly aren't everyone's cup of tea but thanks to the authors' often nostalgic and relatable accounts of how the films sunk their teeth into them one can understand the genre's overall appeal.

MY FAVORITE HORROR MOVIE is an engrossing read and page turner. I'd say I finished it in about a day. There were a few films discussed that I have never seen and will now seek them out and watch them for the first time. There were a few films I haven't seen since they first came out mainly because I didn't think they were all that great. However, as I've discovered, seeing a film decades removed and in a new light may provide a different experience all together. While the book's primary focus is on the horror movie it's the relatable and human stories which the essayists share that really allow this collection to shine brightly and at times poignantly.

So again I ask. What's your favorite horror movie?

MY FAVORITE HORROR MOVIE features essays by Alex Napiwocki, Arielle Brachfeld, B. Harrison Smith, Bill Shafer, Blake Reigle, Calder Greenwood, C. Courtney Joyner, Cerina Vincent, Chris Hampton, Christian Ackerman, Christopher M. Jimenez, Chuck Foster, Chuck Parello, Clint Carney, Dave Parker, Eric Spudic, Ernie Trinidad, Esther Goodstein, Felissa Rose, Frank Merle, Graham Skipper, Hank Braxton, Hunter Johnson, Jack Bennett, James Cullen Bressack, Jared Rivet, Jeffrey Reddick, Jonathan Martin, Josh McKevitt, Joshua Lou Friedman, Julia Hapney, Ken Jacobsen, Matt Mercer, Michael Gingold, Michael Klug, Miguel Rodriquez, Nick Phillips, Rolfe Kanefsky, Ryan Lambert, Sarah Nicklin, Sean Decker, Spooky Dan Walker, Stacy Layne Wilson, Tammy Sutton-Walker, Todd Robey, Tony Timpone, Terry Wolfinger, Trista Robinson.


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