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The Filmmaven Film Blog (2009-2013)

Why "Filmmaven?"  What does it mean?  To be honest I don't have any real clear reason why other than that to my younger self it was cool.  The word maven means "expert" so my handle meant "Film Expert."  Of course it is self-proclaimed because I'm far from an expert.  Yes, I've seen thousands of films but I still don't know all there is to know about movies. 


Way back in the mid-90s, when online movie blogs and sites were still in their infancy, I used the handle "filmmaven" or any variation thereof.  Over the ensuing years I would submit scoops to various movie news websites, such as aintitcool or darkhorizons, under that handle.  I even submitted numerous stories and reviews to Corona's Coming Attractions during the site's early years.  I remember submitting a review of James Cameron's Titanic to that site.


For the longest time family and friends, who knew of my love of movies, would tell me I should start a blog.  The closest I would come would be to post reviews on my Myspace page. Does anyone still even have one?  Eventually I would just create a Facebook fan page and post reviews there.  However, I knew I wanted to do a little more than simple two or three sentence reviews.   I wanted to do more.  As a result, in 2009, The Filmmaven Film Blog was born. 


So for your reading enjoyment here is my first effort at creating my own review site.

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