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THE CHANGELING (1980) Film Review


Director: Peter Medak

Screenplay: William Gray & Diana Maddox

Story: Russell Hunter

Starring: George C. Scott, Trish Van Devere, Melvyn Douglas, John Calicos, Jean Marsh, Helen Burns

Rated R

Running Time: 1 hour 47 minutes

Release Date: March 28, 1980

**** out of *****


Photo: Associated Film Distribution (AFD)

John Russell (GEORGE C. SCOTT) hears a noise coming from the upper floors of his new home.


After an insufferable tragedy, composer John Russell (GEORGE C. SCOTT) leaves New York City and moves into an old secluded mansion in Seattle. When he hears noises and encounters strange occurrences he suspects the home may be haunted and he begins to investigate.



Rating Scale:

***** = Outstanding ****1/2 = Excellent **** = Very Good ***1/2 = Above Average

*** = Good **1/2 = Mediocre ** = Fair *1/2 = Poor * = Bad 1/2* = Abysmal

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