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Screamfest 2016: Trash Fire FILM REVIEW

Owen and his girlfriend Isabel decide that the only way to move forward is to go back.


When Owen is forced to confront a past he's been running from his whole adult life, he and his girlfriend, Isabel, soon discover that sometimes the past is best left in the past.

***1/2 Stars

Trash Fire

Director: Richard Bates, Jr.

Screenplay: Richard Bates, Jr.

Starring: Adrian Grenier, Angela Trimbur, Fionnula Flanagan, Matthew Gray Gubler

Rated R for some disturbing violence/behavior, strong sexuality, nudity and language

Running Time: 1 hour 31 minutes


Rating Scale:

***** = Outstanding ****1/2 = Excellent **** = Very Good ***1/2 = Above Average

*** = Good **1/2 = Mediocre ** = Fair *1/2 = Poor * = Bad 1/2* = Abysmal

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