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Let the blood flow! Screamfest turns 16!

Screamfest 2016 unfolds at the TLC Chinese 6 theatres in Hollywood, CA from 10/18 - 10/27.


Can you feel it? Can you sense it? Do you feel that chill running up and down your spine? Are the hairs on your arm standing on end? Have the goosebumps started to rise? It's October. It's Halloween season and once again Hollywood Blvd. will run red with blood as Screamfest returns with the 16th edition of the annual horror film festival.

The film festival, founded by Rachel Belofsky, celebrates all things horror and provides audiences the opportunity to see a wide variety of horror themed films. There are features and short, independent and studio films and they all have one thing in common. They want to either turn your stomach, scare the hell out of you or both simultaneously.

Over the course of 10 days, 10/18 - 10/27, sixteen feature films and well over fifty short films will be screened at the TLC Chinese 6 theatres; which is located in the Hollywood & Highland Complex in Hollywood, CA.

Below is just a small sampling of what horrors lie ahead for those brave enough to attend.

Directed by Bobby Miller

Written by Bobby Miller

Cast: Anna Friel, Johnny Galecki, Anjelica Huston, Oliver Platt

LA Premiere

Down, out, and heartbroken, Paul attends a spiritual retreat to cleanse himself and fix his broken life but soon discovers that the cleanse releases more than everyday toxins...a lot more. The feature debut from Bobby Miller (TUB), THE MASTER CLEANSE is a trippy and fantastic journey that examines how we deal with the things that weigh us down in life, ultimately asking the all-important question: given the opportunity to literally face your demons, what would you do?


Directed by Richard Bates, Jr.

Written by Richard Bates, Jr.

Cast: Adrian Grenier, Angela Trimbur, Fionnula Flanagan, AnnaLynne McCord, Matthew Gray Gubler, Sally Kirkland, Ezra Buzzington, Ray Santiago, Molly McCook

LA Premiere

When Owen is forced to confront the past he's been running from his whole adult life, he and his girlfriend, Isabel, become entangled in a horrifying web of lies, deceit and murder. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll be scarred for life.


Directed by Sean Brosnan

Written by Sean Brosnan

Produced by Sanja Banic, Orian Williams, Sean Brosnan, Pierce Brosnan

Cast: Joe Anderson, Gary Stretch, Candace Smith

LA Premiere

Deaf and mute since having his hearing knocked out at the age of 12, Asher has been training for almost two decades to avenge himself on Ivan, the man that killed his older brother 21 years ago. And now that his nemesis is out of prison, he gets his chance. But Asher’s target also happens to be his father.

FEAR, INC. (USA) 2016

Directed by Vincent Masciale

Written by Luke Barnett

Cast: Lucas Neff, Caitlin Stasey, Chris Marquette, Stephanie Drake, Mark Moses, Abigail Breslin

LA Premiere

Fear, Inc. follows a company of degenerates who can be hired for a premium to bring your greatest fears to life. But when horror junkie Joe Foster’s customized scare seemingly begins, he and his friends must decide if this company is there to scare them, or make them pawns in their own sick game.


Directed by The Vang Brothers (Berlee and Abel Vang)

Written by Berlee Vang, Abel Vang

Cast: Saxon Sharbino, Mitchell Edwards, Brandon Soo Hoo, Victory Van Tuyl, Carson Boatman, Alexis G. Zall, and Jordan Essoe

LA Premiere

Five teenagers receive an invite to download a Siri-like app. Once they accept this app which calls itself Mister Bedevil, it begins to torment each of them by tapping into their worst fears. To stop this malevolent force, the teens must learn to trust and depend on each other's wits and courage.

Directed by Alejandro G. Alegre

Written by Alejandro G. Alegre

Cast: Isaac Pérez Calzada, Marcos Duarte, Verónica de Alba, Guillermo Jair, Rodrigo Ostap

LA Premiere

After a voyage of discovery FEDERICO creates a new religious cult. He kidnaps FERNANDO, a former collaborator, which will try to leave as heir of worship in the midst of a slaughter justified by their own past tragedies.

For schedule and ticket information visit the SCREAMFEST website.

For the latest news and announcements at SCREAMFEST 'like' them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

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