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FilmQuest 2016: Diverge FILM REVIEW

Chris Towne soon learns that hope for all mankind lies not in the present but in the past.


In the aftermath of a global pandemic, one survivor is given the chance to travel across time to stop the cataclysmic event and regain everything he has lost. To do that he must kill the man responsible for sowing the seeds of mankind’s destruction - his past self.

**** Stars


Director: James Morrison

Screenplay by: James Morrison

Starring: Ivan Sandomire, Jamie Jackson, Erin Cunningham, Andrew Sensenig


Running Time: 1 hour 25 minutes


Rating Scale:

***** = Outstanding ****1/2 = Excellent **** = Very Good ***1/2 = Above Average

*** = Good **1/2 = Mediocre ** = Fair *1/2 = Poor * = Bad 1/2* = Abysmal

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