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FILMQUEST announces its 2016 official selections

More than a thousand films and screenplays were submitted for the 2016 edition of the FilmQuest Film Festival; the annual Utah based fest which celebrates and embraces the "fantastic." While the festival may be one day shorter than last year's festivities the amount of content presented certainly remains the same and it's chock full of potential genre-favorites. Sixteen feature films, as well as, close to two- hundred short films, ranging from horror to fantasy, have been officially selected by Jonathan Thomas Martin, the festival founder and director, and his nominating committee. The festival will be held June 17-25th at the Jordan Commons Megaplex Theatres in Sandy, Utah. Tickets will go on sale before June 1st.

Congratulations to all of the 2016 Official Selections!

The coveted Cthulhu award will be handed out at the end of the festival.



FEATURES Bear With Us – USA Capsule – UK Chicago Rot – USA Cold Moon – USA Ctrl Alt Delete – USA Curtain – USA Dead Body – USA Diverge – USA Muddy Corman – USA No Way to Live – USA Shortwave – USA The Fostering – Brazil The Village of Middlevale – USA Virtual Revolution – France

DOCUMENTARY FEATURES MAN VS. SNAKE: The Long and Twisted Tale of Nibbler – USA The Blackout Experiments – USA


COMEDY & DARK COMEDY SHORTS A King’s Betrayal – USA Already Dead – UK Amy – UK Bitch, Popcorn & Blood – France Code Blue: A Love Story – USA Crush – USA Dickproof 2 – Canada Gwilliam – USA Open 24 Hours – USA Portal to Hell!!! – Canada Shiner – UK The Barber’s Cut – UK The White Room – USA Then and Again – USA Una Mujer Sin Preico 1961 – USA

DOCUMENTARY SHORTS Polk Photography – USA Texas Paranormalists – USA The Ship of Fools – France

FANTASTIC SHORTS Burned – USA Goodbye – USA Mine – USA Shutter – Germany The Session – France Thump – USA

FANTASY SHORTS Dryad – France Elle – France Goblin Queen – USA Legend of Dark Rider – Sweden Lost Girl – UK Move Me – USA Sing for Your Supper – USA Sleeping Wonder – Italy The Devil’s Halo – USA The Sun Devil and the Princess – USA Theodora – USA

HORROR SHORTS 20 Matches – USA Blight – Ireland Brentwood Stranger – USA Die! Sitter! Die!: Rupert – USA Don’t Let Them In -USA Earworm – USA Heir – Canada Hit & Run – USA Iris – UK/USA Kitchen – France Kookie – Canada Lonely Night – USA Luxure (Lust) – Canada Madre De Mios – Canada Mute – USA Night of the Slasher – USA Quenottes (Pearlies) – Luxemborg Roadside Assitance – USA Shadows – USA Surgery – UK The Babysitter Murders – USA The Fisherman – Spain The Stylist – USA When Susurrus Stirs – USA Whisper – UK Yummy Meat: A Halloween Carol – USA

SCI-FI SHORTS Aden – USA Animal – USA Artificial – Spain Battle of Wills – South Korea Bionic Girl – France Clones – Switzerland Collider – Canada Exit Plan – UK Future Boyfriend – USA Indigo – Canada Jakob – France Legacy of the Force – USA Of Men and Mice – France Replika – Switzerland reStart – Spain Sputnik – Spain Substance – USA Teacher in a Box – USA The Edge – France The Trap – USA They Will All Die in Space – Spain


COMEDY & DARK COMEDY STUDENT FILMS Eternal Coma, 1994 – USA Karkass Karts – USA Manoman – USA Martian American – USA Slow Creep – USA Suck It Up – New Zealand

FANTASTIC STUDENT FILMS Guardian – USA The Run – Germany

FANTASY STUDENT FILMS Abyss – Australia Circle – USA David Mills – USA Frankenstein’s Light – USA The Prince of Nothing – USA

HORROR STUDENT FILMS Chateau Sauvignon: Terroir – USA Ellie – USA Oh, Darling – USA Remember – USA The Fisherman’s Wife – USA Vardøger – France

SCI-FI STUDENT FILMS Genghis Khan Conquers the Moon – USA Replacement Protocol – USA The Lotus Gun – USA The Paradox – USA The Surface – USA The Treatment – Germany Wasteworld – UK


Alien Antics! – USA Balloon – Canada Breathe – USA Chains – USA Chasm – USA Chhaya – India Clouds – Canada Da Vinci Project – France Deadly is the Woman – USA Disconnect – USA Dispatch – USA Eloïse, Little Dreamer – Canada Fishing – USA Fruit – Germany Fulfilament – UK Gentleman Explorer Vol. 001: Destination Peril – USA Honorio: Two Minutes of Sun – Spain JIBi – USA L’Americano Returns – USA Let’s Go – USA Lure – USA Resilience – UK Sea Child – UK Sharpen – USA Silence of the Siren – USA Simorgh – USA Snacktime – USA Stand Still – USA Taking the Plunge – USA Target Acquired – Canada The Great Silence – USA The Misadventures of Chubzilla – USA The Search for the Monster of Lake Quannapowitt – USA Three Fools – Denmark Tink! – USA Viva Lucha – USA Zoe – USA


Atheum’s Way – New Zealand Diggin’ On – USA Echoes – Italy Eye of the Storm – USA Feel It – USA How Deep Can I Go? – Australia Low – USA Lucifer’s Song – USA Matt Pond PA (Take Me With You/Emptiness) – USA My Nemesis – USA Paloma – Canada Saturday Morning – Italy So In Love – France Step Down From It – Sweden Sundays – Canada The Cops Don’t Know – Iran The Keys – Switzerland The Love is Gone – Canada Theatre Noir – USA Through My Street – Switzerland West Side Swordy – USA


AFK: The Web Series – New Zealand Dark Specter – USA DoomsDate – USA Dorkcore – USA Good Morning, Tonight! – Canada Hey You, It’s Me – USA Italian Justice – Italy LARPs – Canada Legend of the Lich Lord – Canada Outpost – USA Ren: The Girl with the Mark – UK The First Musketeer – UK Thornbrook – USA Year of the Snake – USA


Link: Shadow of Light World’s Best Ski Hotel


It’s a Small Verse After All – Taylor Doose (World Premiere) Last Call – Blooming Studios (World Premiere) Pure – Rachelle Price (World Premiere) Spaced Out – Seaichfilms (World Premiere) The Song of the Lake – Angela Wilkins (World Premiere) Team I am Your Father Luker (World Premiere) Team Jared Clark Gay (World Premiere) Team JT Seaton (World Premiere) Team Maclain Drake (World Premiere)


SCREENPLAY FINALISTS – FEATURES (Top 25) TBD. Will be announced before June 1st.

SCREENPLAY FINALISTS – SHORTS (Top 15) Alice’s Misfortunes in Underland by Nikki S. Colt Apt. 215 by A.J. Briones Deadhorse Lick by Charles Hall Hibernation by Joel Benjamin ISOL by Kristin Ruff-Frederickson Love in Drones’ Times by Kiki Vasilescu Page Turner by Marc Roussel Red Coats by Lachlan Marks Secret Box by Charles Hall Six-Legged Couch by Kate Longoria Symposium by Tom Grady The Art of DNA by Mary Anzalone The Offering by Julie Hindkjær The Spirit of Vengeance by Bryan Hansen Viral by Michael Nardelli

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