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Radiant J Productions invites filmmakers to explore and share their 'J'

"Write and create from your truth and explore whatever you're passionate about." - Amirose Eisenbach


It goes without saying that going into business for yourself can be a daunting yet exciting endeavor that requires a great deal of patience and tenacity. Whether you're starting a small business or launching a new website there are inherent risks and challenges but often times it can still be quite rewarding. We live in a time where there's something available for whatever you may need and there's always someplace you can go to procure it. The challenge lies in finding that one thing which you know people want and how best to provide them with it. When you find that one thing and that product happens to involve your passion, well, that just takes things to another level. This business venture has now become an extension of yourself and what you're all about. Not only that you may also find yourself looking forward to the job regardless of how busy things become. I myself can attest to that having many films to watch and review but I welcome it. It's what I do and I love it. Amirose Eisenbach is certainly someone who has found that one thing and it definitely involves her passion. Movies.

Amirose has been a life-long film lover. She loves movies in general but is definitely an enthusiastic supporter of independent cinema and filmmakers. You can often find her at film festivals taking in the latest cinema has to offer. Film fans and filmmakers, especially those from the online film community, likely know Ms. Eisenbach from her work for AMC Theatres where she was the host of AMC Independent, a channel solely dedicated to covering independent cinema. Having built a foundation based on her great understanding and insight into the art of filmmaking, lest not forget critical analysis, entertainment industry experience and desire to provide an outlet for artists to create, Amirose has launched her own production company, Radiant J Productions.

Ms. Eisenbach was kind enough to take a moment out of her busy schedule to answer some questions about her new endeavor and what her company is all about.

ERNIE TRINIDAD (ET): What was the impetus behind launching your own production company?

AMIROSE EISENBACH (AE): I've been supporting other people's art for over a decade, working at such companies as Warner Bros., FOX Interactive Media (IGN) and AMC Theatres editorial. After a recent tragedy, the fire inside me burned even brighter and it came to a point where I couldn't neglect my own vision anymore. I believe art has the power to say things that words often fail to and with the right people behind you, we can put some really special content out there. I want to be a light in people's lives. To help them find their voice and feel inspired by authentic experiences, in order to combat some of the evil that exists in the world with more beauty

ET: What is Radiant J. Productions?

AE: Radiant J. Productions is an events and film company, aimed at making meaningful and inspiring content. With an emphasis in spreading consciousness and connection, elevating women and giving aspiring artists the courage and platform to pursue their dreams, each event and film we produce is designed to make positive impact in the community.

ET: The origins of the "J" is quite poignant and something we can all relate to. I myself had to work through a tragedy before I found the drive to get me to where I am now. So, I guess I found my "J". How will you help filmmakers find their "J'?

AE: The "J" is already inside all of us. We have all been through tragedy and tough times. I call it our Badge of Life. What we choose to do with our "J" is what separates us. I believe I have the ability to help artists overcome hardship, find their courage and be comfortable inside their vulnerability to express themselves through their art. I truly believe that art can change the world.

ET: What can filmmakers, both aspiring and established, do to get involved with Radiant J. Productions?

AE: Come attend our events and stay in contact with us about your dream projects. If you have an idea about something that you feel will inspire, impact and connect people, we want to hear about it. You can also submit to the short film contests we'll be holding frequently. Current one is for "Cinefemales" for female filmmakers.

ET: Please tell us about your first event "Cinefemales."

AE: "Cinefemales" is on 5/21 at the famous Aero Theatre in Santa Monica. It will be an evening of celebrating women, film, culture and connection. One component of the event will be to support aspiring artists and we're holding a short film contest for female filmmakers. The winners will be announced at the event and their films will be shown in front of the live audience. Accepting submissions now until 5/1 and the details can be found here:

ET: Is there any advice you wish to share with any filmmakers reading this at this moment?

AE: The real magic comes from truth. Write and create from your truth and explore whatever you're passionate about. Don't overthink it, just open your heart, dream and create.

I wish to thank Ms. Eisenbach for taking the time to provide us with some insight into her company and its mission. I sincerely hope for her continued success and we enthusiastically look forward to not just future events and films but the next generation of filmmakers Radiant J Productions will bring to the world's attention.

For more information about Amirose and her company be sure to visit Radiant J Productions' website,

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