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Deadpool Box Office Shatters Expectations

The dust has yet to settle but it looks the Merc with the Mouth has wiped the floor with the competition and broken records, and bones, in the process.

Studio estimates show Deadpool has grossed $132.7 million over the 3-day weekend and an estimated $150 million total for the 4-day President's Day weekend. In a time where it comes as no surprise for comic book films to have huge openings but this one in particular is impressive for many reasons.

In one weekend, Deadpool has broken the following records:

-Highest Opening - President's Day Weekend: $150m

-Highest Opening Weekend for an R rated film: $132.7m

-Highest February Opening Weekend: $132.7m

In terms of other Marvel films, Deadpool has the fourth best opening ever behind the two Avengers films and Iron Man 3. Yes, it had the biggest opening for a non-Marvel released film and will no doubt become the highest grossing Marvel film not released by Marvel Studios. Did I mentioned this is an R rated film? These are pretty impressive numbers for an origin story of a character non-comic book fans really ever heard of or knew about.

A date has yet to be announced but Ryan Reynolds will return as Deadpool in the sequel that is said to feature the character Cable.

Here's the Red Band trailer to give you a taste of what audiences were eating up over the weekend.

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